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            Digital and RF Measurement Education

            Improve your understanding of digital and RF measurements test by learning with metrology and measurement experts. Learn the basics of RF measurement, design and simulation techniques. Find out how to cut through the challenges of gigabit digital designs. Explore digital and RF measurement videos, application notes, technical seminars and technology/product videos.

            RF Measurements Matter Series

            Metrology and Calibration

            Feel confident that Keysight metrology is behind every measurement you make.

            Experience measurement confidence with metrology and measurement

            Measurement Confidence

            Know that every measurement is traceable to National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) through Keysight-engineered calibration procedures that verify instrument specifications.

            Rely on Keysight for advanced metrology

            Advanced Metrology

            Rely on Keysight engineers who work with the NMIs to develop rigorous measurement techniques in engineering metrology and emerging technologies.

            Engineering metrology assists with metrology and measurement

            Metrology Expertise

            Stay up-to-date on changing compliance requirements and their practical applications by working with Keysight metrologists who collaborate with international standards organizations.

            Learn about Measurement Uncertainty and Risk

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