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            Source Measure Units

            High Accuracy. High Resolution. High Performance.

            Keysight provides a wide range of source measure units (SMU) from precision, application-specific, general-purpose, to basic instruments. Keysight SMUs precisely force and simultaneously measure voltage and/or current.

            Accurate And Efficient Current-Voltage Measurement Solutions

            • Precision sourcing and measurement capabilities
            • Compliance functions to prevent device damage
            • Built-in database for storing and rapidly recalling data
            • GUI-based user interfaces for quick measurement setup
            • Quick testing modes supporting automated test sequencing

            Efficient, Repeatable Device Characterization

            Keysight's EasyEXPERT Group+ Software brings you efficient and repeatable device characterization with ready-to-use measurements functions.

            • Multiple modes and features for quick setup, execution, and analysis
            • Built-in database (workspace) records test data automatically
            • Remote control function supports remote execution of application tests
            • Included with most Keysight SMUs

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