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            Bypass Switches

            Failsafe devices to ensure uptime and high availability of monitoring and security deployments


            • Pre-configured Heartbeats: World’s only bypass to work with security tools through a single click, reducing setup times and eliminating potential errors during deployment
            • Redundant or Serial Active Tool Support: Deploy multiple tools inline with a single bypass; the bypass supporting active-standby and active-active network/security architectures
            • iBypass VHD has the highest density ports of any Bypass switch. Can protect up to 12 network links or 12 security devices.
            • Central Management Support: Ixia Fabric Controller Centralized Manager, the industry’s only centralized bypass management tool, simplifies and speeds configuration and management of tens to hundreds of devices
            • Market leading GUI interfaces that support rapid deployment of complex topologies that are not possible with other vendor's bypass switches
            • Multiple solutions from 1G Copper to 100G Fiber available. All external bypasses for complete independence from tool or packet broker failure.

            Protect Your Network From Interruption, An Inline Lifeline For Growing Networks

            Problem: Inline Tool Risk

            Networks face a continuously evolving barrage of security threats. Directly deploying inline security tools can create a line of defense, but these tools can also result in single points of failure. Even a potent mix of security and analytics tools can lead to risks as regular rebooting, maintenance, and upgrades increase the chances of costly network outages.

            And in the event an inline tool becomes unavailable, it can completely bring down the network link, significantly compromising network up time and disrupting business continuity.

            Example of a HA configuration for the iBypass VHD

            Solution: By-Pass Network Outages With Inline Protection

            Our Bypass Switches provide fail-safe, inline protection designed to fit networks of any size. These switches safeguard a network with automated failover protection, preventing temporary tool outages from escalating into costly network outages.

            Our Bypass Switches are deployed between inline network devices and in front of security tools, providing a reliable separation point between the network and security layers.

            The result: allowing your network and security tools to support and protect your business — without the risk of network interruptions. Better yet, these bypass switches allow multiple security tools to process traffic from a single network link and offer many unique capabilities like pre-configured heartbeats, centralized management, and support for redundant or serial active tools using a single bypass.

            Keysight offers a range of five different Bypass Switches which are suitable for a range of different deployment scenarios. We are leaders in supporting "High Availability" (HA) capabilities that allow multiple tools to be deployed either in ACTIVE-ACTIVE (serial) or ACTIVE-STANDBY deployments. Our leading web based User Interface allows complex HA deployments to be configured quickly without the errors that less sophisticated interfaces can easily result in.

            Our Bypass Switches are a perfect complement to our "inline" emulation tools such as the Network Emulator II. The Keysight Bypass Switch enables the Network Emulator II to be deployed in mission critical applications such as latency equalization within financial trading networks.

            CATALOGS - start planning today

            Network Visibility

            Build a visibility fabric - network packet brokers, taps, bypass switches and more.

            Network Performance and Security

            Know how your network is running so you can hit tough SLAs - then secure it.

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