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            Network Security Threats You Need To Be Thinking About This Year

            Help strengthen your cybersecurity practices by looking into three core attack vectors used in 2020.? The Keysight Technologies 2021 Security Report gives you what you need to know to thwart those attacks. The report also discusses emerging threats for 2021.

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            Network Visibility

            Build a visibility fabric - network packet brokers, taps, bypass switches and more.

            Network Performance and Security

            Know how your network is running so you can hit tough SLAs - then secure it.

            Keysight Solutions Deliver

            Visibility for Industrial Control Systems


            PLAYS well with others

            Keysight provides data from every network segment, every type of cloud, encrypted or not, and filters at line-rate speed to increase efficiency. A sampling of our partners is shown below. See the full list at Technology Partners.

            Can Your Network Packet Broker Handle The Truth?

            If you don't know what is real, how can you react appropriatley to the market and your internal and external customers? The only way to know is to validate your existing architecture.

            Truth matters.?

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            Discover how our industry-leading solutions keep?service delivery strong and secure.

            Let us show you how Keysight solutions can help?optimize network and application performance, strengthen security, and give you more control over your clouds.