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            Deliver innovations faster and better with high-performance automotive test solutions for cross-domain technologies.

            Automotive and Energy Revolution

            The automotive industry is accelerating its electronic technology revolution and fusing with the clean energy ecosystem. With the rapid advances in e-mobility, autonomous driving, connected cars, and automotive electronics, the capabilities we marvel at today may seem basic in just a few years.

            Keysight empowers automotive industry designers and manufacturers with the latest innovations in design and test solutions to help create high-quality and high-performance products while mitigating safety risks.

            E-Mobility: Optimize the Efficiency of Electric Powertrain Systems

            Whether you are designing new power electronics to facilitate renewable energy integration, developing technological advancements in electric and hybrid electric vehicles, or energy management systems, design and test parameters are evolving rapidly in the energy ecosystem.

            Bring your breakthrough energy and electric powertrain innovations to market faster and more safely with the latest test solutions from Keysight.

            Autonomous Driving: Design and Test Life-Critical Sensors

            Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) for current mainstream human-driven vehicles, and autonomous driving systems in the prototype stage, are dramatically improving safety and will save many lives.

            Keysight test and simulation solutions verify design and implementation to confirm autonomous vehicles’ accuracy and dependability to respond to potential dangers on the road.

            Connected Car: Verify Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) with Powerful Emulation and Test Solutions

            With V2X , connected cars communicate with devices, other vehicles and nearby infrastructure nodes. They share information on road and traffic conditions to allow all connected vehicles to take appropriate action.

            To ensure your V2X works the way it should and help you deliver on your connected car vision, Keysight’s powerful cellular + Wi-Fi emulation and test solutions allow you to verify all wireless technologies used in a connected car; including LTE, LTE-Advanced, 5G, DSRC (802.11p), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth?, and near-field communication (NFC).

            Automotive Electronics: Safety Through Intelligent Testing

            Automotive electronics form the underlying platform for all operations and diagnostics, convenience and comfort, safety and security, and provide the main support for innovations in e-mobility, autonomous driving, and connected car.

            Keysight provides a comprehensive range of ECU and functional test solutions for automotive electronics to help you cut down on product development and manufacturing lifecycle time.

            Ensure Measurement Accuracy

            Over 30,000 components in use in one car means a complex ecosystem and high reliance on simulation and test. Keysight helps ensure you make accurate and compliant measurements.

            Accelerate your project schedule and augment your test lab. Keysight Test-as-a-Service Lab helps you simulate, debug, and comply with various regulations and standards. Keysight has accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and provides calibration certificates with a national accreditation mark to meet the IATF 16949:2016 quality standard requirements for the automotive industry.

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